Tequila Sunrise Guppy Males – 10 pack


The Tequila Sunrise Guppy is one of many unique variety of Poecilia reticulata guppy developed through years of careful, selective breeding. Bearing the same tropical coloration of its namesake beverage, this attractive livebearer displays a colorful dorsal fin ranging in color from yellow to red. The latter half of its body is yellow up to the center of the tail which is surrounded in an orange-red coloration.

The Tequila Sunrise Guppy requires an aquarium of at least 10 gallons in size. It is a very peaceful fish and should be housed with tankmates of similar temperament. Though the Tequila Sunrise Guppy is a hardy fish tolerant of small changes in water parameters, care should be taken to keep water temperature, pH, and nutrient levels in check. The Tequila Sunrise Guppy makes an excellent fish for beginning hobbyists as it is a hardy and energetic fish that is easy to keep in a freshwater community aquarium.