Red Hook Metynnis


The Red Hook Metynnis is a high-sided fish which is laterally compressed. Red Hook Metynnis has translucent fins, except the anal fin which is curved & red with black edging giving this fish its common name. It belongs to the subfamily Serrasalmidae which contains Pirahna, Pacus & Silver Dollars. The Red Hook Metynnis has strong jaws and a good set of teeth. These teeth are usually used to eat plants rather than fish, although smaller fish will likely be munched. The Redhook is sometimes described as a difficult fish to care for but, given a large enough aquarium, correct feeding and good water quality, it shouldn’t be a problem. These peaceful fish need to be maintained in schools of at least 5 or 6 fish to get the most out of them, as they are a social species that will shy away if kept singly or in pairs. Mature males are smaller than females and have a longer anal fin.