Pygmy Corydoras

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If you’re looking for a peaceful schooling fish with lots of personality for your nano tank, look no further than Pygmy Corys!  They are also known by the names Dwarf Corydoras, and their scientific name, Corydoras pygmaeus.  These tiny fish are mostly a gleaming silver color, but they feature a striking black stripe running horizontally down their bodies that is highlighted in a brilliant white.  They are one of three “dwarf” species of Corydoras, all of which exhibit similar behavior.  They are particularly popular for shrimp tanks due to their peaceful nature.  Their shimmering bodies are peppered with black and green spotting, accompanied by a silver belly.  These catfish are VERY small and do not grow larger than ¾ of an inch in length.  Females tend to be a bit larger than the males and can grow up to one inch in length.