Peacock Gudgeon


Peacock Gudgeons (Tateurndina ocellicauda), also known as Peacock Gobies, are peaceful fish from Indonesia that are excellent choices for community tanks small and large. They typically reach only 2″, but larger specimens have been seen occasionally. A single fish or pair can easily be kept in a 10-gallon tank along with some schooling dither species, like tetras or rasboras. Larger groups can be housed together in larger tanks, where they will squabble over territories and display their amazing colors.

These fish are not fussy with regard to water parameters. They prefer clean water and a dimly lit tank with lots of covers. The more cover present, the more comfortable the fish feels, and they will venture out to the middle of the tank if they feel safe. Their bright colors and easy breeding make them a great alternative to more traditional dwarf cichlids as a low-lying centerpiece in a community tank.