Nandopsis grammodes Wolf or Mini Dovii

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Lesser Wolf Cichlid Freshwater Fish

Cichlasoma Grammodes (Chiapaheros grammodes)

aka: Mini Dovii Cichlid, Aztec Cichlid, Dwarf Jaguar Cichlid, Dwarf Managuense Cichlid

Now, here’s where it gets tricky……Nandopsis managuense bares markings bluntly similar to Cichlasoma Grammodes. Its spotted pattern sets it apart and makes it a unique addition to any large, freshwater aquarium. Provide these fish with a layer of coarse gravel at the bottom of their tank, and give them abundant room to swim about. They can be kept alongside other Cichlid species that are similar in size. 1st pic is from a 2 yr adult, 2nd pic is under 1 yr.  We ship youngest usually about 12 months old+

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