Kapampa Frontosa Cichlid


second species of Cyphotilapia has been described in Lake Tanganyika,  Cyphotilapia gibberosa, and with that comes the Zaire Blue Frontosa Cichlid,  The distribution of this new species has remained in the southern half of Lake Tanganyika while Cyphotilapia frontosa is distributed in the northern half of the lake.

This new species is clearly distinct from Cyphotilapia frontosa by a row of three scales between the upper and lower lateral lines (against 2 scales for Cyphotilapia frontosa). In addition, we can count more scales on the longitudinal line, fewer external teeth on the upper jaw, higher body, longer predorsal, longer dorsal fin base, and longer pectoral fin. They have rich bold pattern of 6 or 7 broad black bands, and also a peculiarity in gibberosa is the “mask of zorro“, an interorbital band absent in Cyphotilapia frontosa

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