Live Arrival Policy

We guarantee live arrival. This will cover any issues with shipping that might impair the health of the fish.

Water quality, incompatibility with the fish tank, diet, or other challenges of the hobby are the responsibility of the hobbyist.

Goodjoseph Aquarium fish store is opposed to the gimmick of extremely long guarantees offered by a few online stores and we feel this practice will promote careless fish care. For the good of the hobby we offer lower prices and a reasonable guarantee.
We ship hundreds of boxes each week and our DOA (dead on arrival) record is excellent, but nature will be nature and not all boxes are delivered with perfection.

A family departed aquarium fish cherishes another family.” ― Ruchita Sina

Live Arrival Guarantee

Free shipping on orders over 149+

Whate sould i do if i recived my fish dead 

DOA claims are rare but in case you got your fish dead it must be accompanied by a picture. (No videos can be accepted)

Send the claim via email to: contact@goodjosephlivefishstore


or to our facebook page or instagram

Include your ORDER NUMBER in the SUBJECT line of your email

We will refund you for the value of the fish in full, unless you prefer a store credit for future purchases. Shipping is  not refundable.