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Goodjoseph Aquarium fish shop was founded by a group of hobbyists. A group of guys who simply loved keeping fish, and eventually run out places to put a fish tank in ❤️

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Customer Reviews

Goodjoseph live fish store 49

I am brand new to the fish community and I ordered a fish from good Joseph. The weather is cold the fish was properly packed with a 72 hour heat pack. Communication via text and phone call was on point. I was concerned about ordering a fish off the Internet but I figured out today upon receiving my beautiful fish that Good Joseph is a trusted place to get your fish and I will be ordering more in the future!!

Kimberly Mason

Rochester , New york 

Goodjoseph live fish store 50

This was an excellent transaction and Joseph personally made sure that everything was perfect.
The packaging was bulletproof and I had 100% success. Fish are happy and swimming around in my tank as I write this.

Jack Johnson

Los Angeles , California 

Goodjoseph live fish store 51

Excellent service. Fast shipping. This was my first time ordering fish online, because the fish I was looking for is hard to find at my local fish stores. Unfortunately, the first fish was DOA, but Joseph did not hesitate to send me a replacement right away, alive and happy! (I realize there’s only so much under their control. Who knows what transpires between his shop and the many hands the box gets handled by before it gets to me.)
The fish bag was professionally packaged, they’ve obviously been doing this a very long time. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more livestock from him in the future! Thanks again for all your help, Goodjoseph!

Jack Johnson

Birmingham, Alabama 

Goodjoseph live fish store 52

Best experience ever had getting fish
They send beautiful,healthy,fish and go out of their way to give you the best fish you could ask arrived beautiful,healthy and allready flying arround enjoyingtheir new home.will definitely get more fish in the future

Mike loyd

Phoenix, Arizona

Goodjoseph live fish store 53

Fish arrived in great shape, it’s pretty cold where I live and they were packaged with heat pads and insulation. The bags themselves had methylene blue in them, which detoxifies the ammonia and nitrites in the water during shipping to keep the fish safe and healthy. One of the fish types I ordered was out of stock, but they contacted me promptly via text and were able to accommodate what I wanted to substitute, even offering a suggestion of a fish that looked similar. Overall awesome customer service, great selection and shipping, and healthy fish

Andrew robinson

Boston , Massachusetts

Goodjoseph live fish store 54

I ordered a freshwater snowflake eel and I love it. It was my first time ordering live fish online so I was quite skeptical of it but I tried it out and I’m not disappointed. Eel arrived in 2 days just like shipping description said it would and it arrived in great shape (hungry but healthy!). They responded to all my questions/concerns via Instagram so thumbs up on customer service. Definitely would recommend

Kirstin W. Everton

illinois , Aurora


Curoiuse how your fish will be packed and shipped

Wve packed and shipped over 5000 orders this month only, if this is your first time ordering fish online and curious to know how aquarium fish are shipped, watch this unboxing by miss Amy from us

Watch this unboxing from us